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Are you still really ready for some football?!  
Pro Football Season is Here to Stay!
September 21 NFL Week 3 - Minnesota Vikings visit the Big Easy and the Saints!
Our game of the week remains football.  When the Vikings visit the Saints this Sunday, all eyes will be on the food...   We will start with bowl of seafood gumbo and finish off the pregame meal with the shrimp poboy that New Orleans made famous.  Enjoy! 
If Louisiana cooking hits the spicy or savory spot on your palate, add to our selections!






More Game Day Recipes


September 14

Slow-cooked ribs - Memphis Style!

Our game of the week remains football - how can you get enough pigskin action after a long layoff?!   The Dallas Cowboys visit the Titans and the biggest contest here may be the argument over which ribs taste best; Texas or Memphis-style ribs. We will slow cook dry rub (Memphis-style) ribs in the oven to provide your home with the smell of a tailgating party.  You can then decide whether to add your favorite BBQ sauce to the slab of succulent ribs or simply dip as necessary.  Enjoy!  






September 6 Game of the Week..

Italian Beef Sandwiches - Chicago's Own Sandwich!

Attitude is everything in Chicago. One of the world's great cities, Chicago was built with great spirit and a hungry attitude. The Chicago Bears have built one of the most successful franchises in football with this same spirit and attitude. Bears' fans pack Soldier field each home game with the expectation of crushing their opponent. Win or lose, fans will return to their seats for the next game with the same conviction that the Bears will win.

Chicago is also one of the great food cities in the world, and Chicagoland brings the same conviction and attitude to making memorable food.  While the Chicago Deep Dish pizza and Chicago hot dog are tempting choices for today, I celebrate another great sandwich that represents a great city!







The First Saturday of College Football!  Saturday August 30...

We celebrate the first weekend of the 2014 college football season in Iowa - the nation's heartland.  We celebrate the Iowa and Northern Iowa game with another home grown sandwich delight.  Line up for kickoff this week with a sandwich known throughout the region as a loose meat, tavern, or maid rite sandwich.
Little League World Series Mania!  Saturday August 23...
We share in the mania of the annual battle of the young pinstripers.  On Saturday, South Korea battles the winner of the Japan/Mexico elimination game for the international Little League title.  We celebrate Korean cooking with a little Kimchee and Korean BBQ.  잘먹겠습니다. 
< Bon appetit>





August 16- Preseason NFL!  Buffalo Bills at Pittsburg Steelers


Great cities are often known for great sandwiches, and Pitssburg is no exception.  The Pittsburg style sandwich is more of a meal than a sandwich.  Put on your loose-fitting pants and belly up to the table for this special treat!







August 10 - 2014 PGA Championship Final Round - Phil Tries to Deny Rory his Second Consecutive Major


We celebrate the Valhalla Golf Club and the great state of Kentucky by preparing the Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich.  This delight is sure to free up your taste buds and clog your arteries!







July 27 - Final Stage of the Tour deFrance!


French wine and charcuterie are on the menu for this very French day in sport.  We will help you build your meat and cheese tray, as well as pair your charcuterie with several nice bottles of wine - bon apetit!







July 20 - 2014 British Open Final Round - The Open is Decided! 


Rory McIlroy is in championship form after three rounds.  Tune in to see if he can hold off Sergio, Jim, Adam, and Rickie...


We celebrate the final round of The Open with an appropriately British fare of Bangers and Mash...






July 13 - World Cup Title Game Germany vs. Argentina


Germany Battles Argentinia for the what may be the biggest prize in sport!  


Argentinians are great soccer players and great grill masters!  Please see the delicious grilled recipes for this special game day...







July 6 - The Wimbledon Gentlemens' Championship


Novak Djokavic tries to end his grand slam slump and prevent Roger Federer from extending his grand slam championship victory record


Breakfast at Wimbledon will feature simple recipes of Pigs in Blankets and Fruit and Yogurt Parfait...







June 29 - Yankees vs. Red Sox (no more needs to be said)


OK I'll say more.  These bitter rivals meet once again with both teams battling to stay in the division race.  No matter the standings, the fans will be prepared to cheer mightily for their team.


No food celebrates the great American pasttime quite like a hot dog.  And there are so many options to serve your friends and family.  Please try a few of these special dogs...


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