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Game Day Eats for Hungry Fans


Simple recipes, fresh ingredients, and bold tastes are where we start.  Game time always requires a certain amount of focus, so we prepare much of our game day meals in advance.  Game time is about enjoying the game and special food with friends and family. While the kitchen is usually a fun place to be, no one wants to in the kitchen at kickoff, tipoff, first pitch, or when the puck is dropped!    

Free From the Grind: A Cross-Country Bicycle



David hits the road with a bicycle, a map, and a 2,900 mile trip to pedal in 28 days. Join him as he encounters fascinating people, not so fascinating weather, and beautifully challenging terrain. The stories will delight, and the ending will restore hope to all who need an occasional trip from home to restore balance to an imbalanced world.    

Current Writing Project

Father Forgive Me


A priest falls in love, only to find his lover murdered by dark forces.  Enraged, the disillusioned priest turns from the priesthood to exact revenge.  What he discovers on his journey challenges his understanding of justice and mercy and forces him to question his very identity. 


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